What is the ESPKey?

The ESPKey is an advanced implantable logic analyzer and debugging tool designed for use with any device using the Wiegand communication protocol.  It has a built-in Wireless LAN communication module and can store up to 80,000 unique credential bitstreams in non-volatile memory, depending on credential bit format.  The credential bitstream may be retrieved or “replayed” on demand by connecting to the built-in web interface from any mobile device or computer with a web browser.

The ESPKey is 100% transparent to both the card reader and the downstream panel.


No Battery Required
Universal Vendor Support
Supports Standard 5V Wiegand Signaling Protocol
Record Wiegand Protocol Bitstream
Transmit Wiegand Protocol Bitstream
Log and Record Reader LED Control from Panel
Timestamping Function (For Current Power Cycle)
“Denial of Service” (DoS) Mode
Supports Use of “Control” Cards to Enable DoS or Credential Replay
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Capability with AP and Client Modes
Supports Hidden ESSID Configuration
Fully Customizable Web Interface
Automatic Decoding of Common Bit Formats


Input Voltage Must Be Between 4.5V and 18V DC – DO NOT EXCEED 18VDC
Interception Target Must Use Standard 5V Wiegand Signaling Protocol

Applications for Penetration Testers

Intercept, Record, and Replay Credential Data in Transit
Intercept, Record, and Replay Biometric Data in Transit
Clone Recorded Bitstreams to New RFID Credentials
Prevent Authorized Access on Demand (Denial of Service)
Convert Standalone RFID Readers to Data Loggers

Applications for Installers

View Binary Wiegand Bitstream from Reader
Troubleshoot Line Quality Issues
Test Reader Operation
Test Panel Operation

Support Documentation and Firmware

Support documentation may be downloaded here:  [DOWNLOAD]
All shipping units will be shipped with the latest firmware.  If new firmware becomes available it will be posted here.

ESPKey Wiegand Interception Tool

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